Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It is crazy that we are almost to 3 weeks waiting. This Fall is so busy for us, and I'm hoping that will make the time fly!
I haven't posted much on here, because there isn't much going on adoption-wise. You can keep up on our other family happenings over at my other blog.
I am leaving tomorrow afternoon for a trip to visit my good friend in Denver. I am excited! I am a little nervous, this will be the longest I've ever been away for the kids...5 days! I know I will have tons of fun though, and return to my family rested and ready to serve!
Now come on September referrals :)


Clay and Tracy said...

Hey girl! Did you get T Shirts made?? If so you have to get me a picture! I am sucker for an Africa adoption T!

The other day I was wanting to call you with another dossier question. Its just nice to talk to someone who has actually done it! I did lose your number though. Oh well I even forgot my question. Have fun in Denver.