Thursday, April 23, 2009

follow-up on Monday night

Amber and I just wanted to update you all on how the Chick-fil-A fundraiser went.  

Well, it was awesome!  The place was packed for 3 hrs straight and we got to have a lot of really good conversations about adoption, God's calling of a disciple, music, etc.  I even got to talk with 2 families who were greatly considering adoption themselves.  One other conversation was with a guy who just got back from a military deployment...IN ETHIOPIA!!!  It was really encouraging to hear his stories about the wonderful community over there, the beautiful people, and the presence of God specifically in these orphanages.  

As far as the funds go, we made $433 from the purchases, and $250 in our donation bucket.  So, all total, we made almost $700 toward our adoption with this one day fundraiser!!!  It was amazing!

Thanks so much to all of you who came out and bought food, helped serve guests, helped clean tables, stuck around to make me feel cool, etc.  It really was a great night and I am so grateful for God's faithful provision of not only money, but great community as well!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Click here to download a coupon for the Chick-fil-A fundraiser event.  

A Challenge:  anyone who is willing to eat all 3 meals there on the 20th (breakfast, lunch, and dinner - all with coupons) will get a free signed copy of my CD "To Find You" and a free To Find You T-shirt!!! No joke. (you will just need to show your receipts that night to claim your CD & T-shirt - shirt sizes limited)

For more detailed info on the event, check our facebook page.  

THANKS SO MUCH  for all the kind support!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We are so excited to let everyone local know about our fundraiser through the Centerville Chick-fil-A .  If you present a coupon any time of day this Monday, April 20th, 20% of your purchase will go toward our adoption!  You can pick up a coupon at any of the Apex gatherings this weekend, or we can email it to you to print out.  You must have the coupon in order for it to work.  Also, Phil will be there from 5pm-8pm playing music!  We are so excited about this opportunity to share with people about our adoption and give them a glimpse of the One who brought us here.  So if you like Chick-fil-A as much as we do, come out and see us!  

We were so excited to hear of a few more families receiving their referrals today!  So amazing for them, and we are thankful that each one brings us closer to ours!  We are still praying for an April referral!