Monday, April 20, 2009

Click here to download a coupon for the Chick-fil-A fundraiser event.  

A Challenge:  anyone who is willing to eat all 3 meals there on the 20th (breakfast, lunch, and dinner - all with coupons) will get a free signed copy of my CD "To Find You" and a free To Find You T-shirt!!! No joke. (you will just need to show your receipts that night to claim your CD & T-shirt - shirt sizes limited)

For more detailed info on the event, check our facebook page.  

THANKS SO MUCH  for all the kind support!


Elizabeth Koproski said...

will you sign the copy of the order for my angioplasty too? Just checking!

Amy said...

Had a great time visiting with you tonight! Can't wait to hear that you got your referral!

philwing said...

Elizabeth - I laughed out loud on that one.
...and yes, I would gladly sign your order form. :o)