Tuesday, March 31, 2009

7 months!

Well we have been waiting for our referral for a little over 7 months now.  But we have been dreaming of this baby for much longer!  It was the Summer of 2007 when we made the decision to adopt.  It is hard to believe that by the time we get our little sweetheart home that 2 years will have passed.  Also, this May will mark one year since we started the official paperchase! Time seriously flies.

Our yahoo group had tons of excitement last week.  Families are traveling, passing court, and new referrals were given out.  We are hoping and praying for an April referral.  Also, please join us in praying that we pass court THE FIRST TIME.  We will be cutting it close to the court closures in August with a June or July court date.  But we have absolute peace and know that the Lord has the perfect time for this child to join our family.  We are getting so anxious to see his/her face!  I just can't imagine what it will actually be like to have a face and a name to this child we've prayed for for so long!  Gibson and Maya are asking a lot about their little brother or sister.  Whenever I'm looking at other adoption blogs, Gibson runs over and says, "Is that them?  Is that our baby brother or sister?!"  He has understood what was happening from day one, so I'm sure this really has seemed like a long wait to him!  
When we sent in our dossier we were given an approximate wait time of 5-7 months.  Obviously, that wait time has been lengthened as we are in our seventh month.  But I have to say, God has given us so much grace.  I have truly been able to have joy in the wait.  I have not felt consumed by it.  I have enjoyed the last year with our little family of four.  Don't get me wrong, I still think about and pray for our baby every single day.  But, I can look back and see clearly how God has been so good to us.  
I know I have said this many times, but I think I could say it a million times and it still wouldn't be enough:  THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has donated money, bought CD's, and said so many sweet prayers for us.  It has meant the world.  We feel so loved and supported.  This child is loved by so many people that it's astonishing!!! 


Tracy said...

Very exciting......hope that we aren't far behind you!!!