Friday, September 11, 2009


We will be on a plane in 24 hrs...on our way to Silas! We are so excited, but still have plenty of things to keep us busy until we leave. Gibson and Maya will be spending the week by splitting their time with both of our parents. I know they will miss us, but I have a feeling they will be spoiled in a big way while we're gone. :)

I wanted to share the itinerary for our time in country:

Day 1/Sunday

Arrive at the airport. Check into guest house and try to get some sleep!

Day 2/Monday

MorningComplete paperwork

Afternoon – Eat lunch. Go meet Silas Yegermal! Spend the rest of the day at the Transition Home with him.

Evening: Dinner at traditional Ethiopian dinner

Day 3/Tuesday

Morning- Shopping at the markets

Afternoon- Lunch and then back to Transition Home. Take Silas Yegermal with us for good! It's also my birthday! :)

Evening- Dinner on our own at hotel

Day 4 / Wednesday

Morning- on your own at hotel until we leave for the Embassy

AfternoonEmbassy appointment. Shopping.

Eveningdinner on your own at hotel

Day 5 / Thursday

MorningSpend the morning visiting Kids Care Orphanage

Afternoon - Lunch and then visit Gelgela Orphanage

Eveningdinner on your own at hotel

Day 6 / Friday

Morning and Afternoon – whatever we want/need to do.

Evening- Airport!

We will be updating as much as possible while we are gone and however time/internet connection allows. You can check here, our facebooks, or Phil's twitter for updates!!!

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Gina said...

So excited for you Amber! I will be following along on your journey! It is beyond wonderful! Soak it ALL in because you will miss it!

Andrea said...

Safe travels and enjoy your trip!

You're in for a GREAT time!

jamullins said...

I will be praying for a safe trip! Have a wonderful time and enjoy every single minute! You will love Addis!


Marisa said...

You are in our prayers! Can't wait to meet your special little boy!