Monday, July 7, 2008

a mixed bag

We got our USCIS fingerprints done today. Hooray! It was mostly painless, except for a few cranky outbursts from the kids. We were out quickly, and even ran into a couple that attend our church there getting fingerprinted too. So that was a fun little surprise. After that it was lunch time and we headed to IHOP because we figured that would be a kid-pleaser. Oh. My. Goodness. We had the worst experience we have ever had while out to eat with our children. There was much discipline and threat-whispering going on. I ended up taking them out to the van, leaving their half-eaten lunch still on the table. Yes, it was that bad. Our kids love to eat at restaurants, but we told them it is going to be a long time before they have that special treat again. I think my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.
But then I came home to a good email from our social worker. She hopes to have a rough draft of our homestudy to us this week, and then meet on the 17th for our last visit and just to finalize it all. I am so glad to get this on the calendar, we are ready for this phase to be over.
I think that is all the adoption news we have for today, hopefully there will be more good news to come!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Ahhh, kids. When we were little my mom only got to go grocery shopping once a month an hour away. Well, the four of us were acting out so bad that she left two grocery carts full of food and took us home. It did not go well for us. ;-p

Marisa said...

So glad all the adoption paperwork is going so well! My heart goes out to you about the kids... I'm right there with ya!

Rochelle said...

I've definitely been there with my kids. It always seemed like I was carrying a screaming,misbehaving child out of the mall,restaurant,etc. on a regular basis. Definitely a trial of patience :^) They are 19 and does get better.

Clay and Tracy said...

OH I am so excited to find your blog. We too are doing the Ethiopia adoption through AWAA. We are behind you in the process. Thanks for taking the time to blog!! Its addicting huh? You can check out our story here.