Friday, May 29, 2009

9 months

Today marks 9 months waiting for our referral.  Trust me, I am so ready to be done with this "paper pregnancy"!  I want to see this baby's face!  It has been hard not to become discouraged lately as things in Ethiopia have slowed down.  Several things have come up that is effecting abandonment cases, as well as families passing court.  It would take me a while to explain it all!  Basically for us it just looks like the wait will be longer than we expected (not like that hasn't already happened!).  However, we trust FULLY in His timing!  It is a very real possibility that we might get caught in court closures and not be able to get our child until late fall/early winter.  My heart can barely go there without breaking into pieces.  We haven't lost all hope because we know our Savior can move mountains!  We believe the time appointed for our child to join our family is nothing short of perfect!  Today I NEED to rest in that.


philwing said...

well said, babe.

Andrea said...

You will get there! Besides - look how close you are!!!

Elizabeth Koproski said...

Help the Wings hang in there! Give them joy and patience in the process. Bring them their baby soon! Thanks that you have seen his/her face and it's beautiful!!!

Gina said...

We've got to BELIEVE we can beat those blasted court closures!!! Go GOD!!!!!!!! Gina