Saturday, May 3, 2008

warning: post contains many exclamation points :)

Last night was awesome! Oh my, it was so great. Not only was there amazing music by Charis, Blackburn, and Phil Wing, but we just truly felt so loved and supported by the body of Christ. So many people helped us out and served selflessly to help pull it all off. We had about 250 people come out to celebrate with us. It was great to hear another family come and share a little bit about their own adoption from Ethiopia. It was a joy to watch their little children run around with ours. A little glimpse into the future that got us so excited! We also had a friend come share about the World Vision Experience. It sounds like something you will not want to miss.
Now I have to brag on my husband, because he would never do it himself. His band sounded so great last night! Definitely the best that I've ever heard from them. Their new stuff is great, and the song he wrote about our adoption, To Find You, made me cry for sure. Wonderful. I am so excited for his CD to come out now! I have a feeling it will be my favorite, not just because he's my husband, but because the songs are so good.
Our tshirts were flying off of the shelf! We are going to be ordering more (all you small and medium people out there!) so look for those to be coming to our website soon. We are going to set it up with paypal so you can just buy them right off of here.
People were just so generous. We are humbled. In only one night we were able to raise about 20% of our total costs!!! Wow. We were blown away and moved beyond words. Thank you to everyone who so generously gave! It means so much to us for you to be a part of bringing home our baby! We are overcome with joy.
God is good, good, good!!!


Stacie said...

It was an awesome night! Yeah! PTL!

jenny said...

So glad we could be there to share in the night. It was such a blessing. We really do count it as a privilege to see what God is going to do in your family in the next several months. Praying for you!

Cale and Kate said...

It was a great night and we were honored to be a part of it. We are praising the Lord with you in the way He is providing...and He's just getting started!

Renee' said...

Glad to hear the great testimony of God's provision. AWESOME!

Diane said...

While the Smith's were not there physically we were present in spirit. We are praying for you and excite..We love you guys!!!

Marisa said...

So sorry I had to miss it! Lucas was running a really high fever- again! I'm beginning to wonder if we have some crazy gunk in our house that is making us sick. Ya know, the kind of horrors you see on 20/20. I'm so thankful that is was such a huge success! God is great, isn't He?

Carpenters said...

I am so glad to hear that the night went to well. Praise the Lord. I can't wait to heart "To Find You". God is so might and His provision is so good.

With Love,