Wednesday, May 28, 2008

chuggin' along

I can't help but think of Gibson when I write that title! Man, that boy loves some trains.
So anyway! Not a whole lot to report here. We have busily been gathering papers and making phone calls. We had a small setback on our I600A because of some miscommunication. It is all straightened out now, thankfully. I sent it back out today and was also able to send off a good chunk of paperwork to our social worker as part of our home study. Hopefully in the weeks to come we will be scheduling our home visits. I am ready!
I also wanted to update people on the tshirt situation. Very soon we will be ordering smaller sizes. We have not forgotten! We are finally bouncing back after vacation, and after we get some things together, we will be ordering them! So the status is: tshirts coming soon! That said, if you are interest in a L, XL, or XXL, please let us know and we can get it to you asap.

How you can pray for us:

  • Our house has been for sale for quite a while. We are praying it sells soon, but are also considering whether or not to leave it on the market since our home study is beginning soon.
  • Peace while paperchasing (that is mostly for me, ha!).
  • Future fundraising, grants, donations, etc. that will make our adoption possible.
  • Our future child who is probably in his/hers mommy's belly right now! So pray for a healthy pregnancy, their development, and also for their family who must be facing great hardship. Please pray for our child's mother. My heart hurts for her.
  • Pray for rain! Ethiopia is experiencing a drought right now. You can imagine how hard that is for the people. Also, because of conservation, it slows down all communication which directly effects adoptive families and their children. Rain, rain, rain!


kristin said...

I love stopping by your blog!