Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Still here

So I have just been bad in general about updating my blog, and here as well. We are staying busy though. I will also try to update the timeline in our sidebar soon since we have made progress! We are waiting to hear from our social worker right now to schedule our first home visit. We only have a few stray papers until we have everything collected on our end for our homestudy. Yay! That is victory. I can't wait until we can say that part is done! I went downtown to get a few things today and it was frustrating to say the least! Finding parking was a nightmare, the kids were just totally acting out-of-control, and I got a $15 parking ticket. Seriously?! At least I got a few things crossed off my list, so I am trying to look at the positive instead of the dent in our wallet and my sanity. We are hoping to get our BCI fingerprinting and the police letter done this week, and our physicals will be completed next week. Other than that, I am just waiting for other people to get things to me.
We have had some major storms and flooding around the area last night and today. Since we were trapped at home, Gibson got a long-awaited hair cut from Daddy. It was his first big boy buzz cut, and I'm still getting used to it. He just looks old and it makes me a little sad. Before we took it off we left it in this mohawk...and I'll be honest, I kind of wish we would have left it because he looked so darn cute:

He really wasn't sad in the picture, he was just concentrating on his Wiggles DVD.
On another note, I am researching preschool homeschooling material. Any suggestions?


Susan said...

Check our "Five in a Row" and should have some preschool lapbooks and other stuff you may be interested in.

Don't go overboard! :-)


Amber said...

i definitely don't plan to go overboard! this is just something small to do this fall, and to kind of get a taste to see how we feel about doing kindergarten! i am going to look into some things, but i might just end up doing a small curriculum of my own (i used to be a preschool teacher)

Carpenters said...

We bought "Hands On Homeschooling". I've looked through it and am gearing up to begin the curriculum. We haven't used it yet with Josiah (2yo), but I was pretty impressed with it. I like the scripture memorization (which is short and sweet for him) and the age appropriate activities. The whole year is all planned out, you just have to gather any supplies for art projects and the like. And hearing that you used to be a preschool teacher, maybe you have some hints for me as we begin this. I would love any suggestions.

With Love,