Monday, June 23, 2008

home visit...part two

Today was the final visit to our home from the social worker. Actually, she is still here, I am just in the other room! I already did my one-on-one with her and now it's Phil's turn! Things are going great. Really and truly, nothing to be nervous over. I can hear her laughing out there, so Phil is on his game, haha. I am excited to say we are done with all of our homestudy paperwork...except for one little paper. Our financial info can't be completed because we are still waiting for finalization of our life insurance. We faxed it all last week and I talked to a guy who said it can take as long as six weeks, or as short as two, so to maybe plan for four. Please join us in praying it is two!!! Everything is done except for those two little blank lines...taunting me. It would just be so wonderful to have this phase complete. I was looking at our dossier sheet today, and there really isn't that much to be done. We are waiting for our fingerprinting appointment, and I really hope we get that letter with our appointment date this week. It looks like we should be able to make our August deadline that we made for ourselves. But as many know, we certainly can't count on it! Who knows what the pesky I171H will decided to do.


shawn and tisha said...

Glad to hear your homwstudy visit went well! I pray that your insurance paper will come really soon!! :)
Tisha (yg)