Tuesday, June 17, 2008

two down, two to go

Today we had our first home visit from our social worker. I really wasn't stressed or nervous at all, and now I'm glad I didn't work myself up, because it really was great! Our social worker is so easy to talk to, and it was like talking to an old friend in our living room. She did a great job of asking us all of the questions in an easy, conversational manner. I also really liked just talking through everything. It was nice to revisit why we decided to adopt, and just how God has worked in our hearts to bring us where we are. We were also so excited to schedule our next visit for Monday! I only have a few stray papers that I hope to get by Monday, and our part will be done! Then we will just wait for her to write it all up. She said our fourth and final visit would be to look over everything and just tie up loose ends. Now that our homestudy papers are almost done, we can really focus on gathering more for the dossier!


Brian & Andrea Logue said...

Wow, Amber! It's like we're doing everything side by side!

Cindy Foote said...

Amber, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. To answer your question - we finished our paperwork before moving so sometime during our wait we'll have to do an addendum/home study update with the new address. If you make the move during paperwork - I'm not sure how that works. Of course - any addendum or update costs money and each social worker is different. I haven't asked about our update yet and what that will cost - but we haven't sold our first house yet so I don't technically need to do an update until that house is sold. I also have at least 9 months of waiting - so an update may be just what I need when I feel like I should have something to do to pass the wait time by - HAHA! Blessings! The Footes